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Hi, my name is Bob and I'm fifteen years beyond the fifty mark. This is a page for, as it's name suggest, people over fifty. That doesn't mean younger folks can't use it. They're welcome --- just sit there quietly and behave yourselves.

This page is loaded with links related to retirement, financial security, medi-care and other insurance, travel, hobbies, etc.And there are some fun links.

Something about me: I'm retired and to keep myself out of mischief, I transcribe braille. That is, I transcribe ink print into braille. Our group does all the local transcribing and also does books for the Kenneth Jernigan Library For Blind Children. I've become very knowledgeable about kid's books. G'wan, ask me a question about Dr. Seuss -- The Brothers Grimm -- Mother Goose or The Hundred-Acre Wood.

Very well, on to what this page is all about. Useful and fun links. Just click right ... about ... HERE.