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Welcome to the Braille Transcribers of Humboldt web site.

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If you would like to help the blind and visually impaired to read, you might consider joining one of the many braille transcribing groups across the country.

The Braille Transcribers of Humboldt was organized in 1974 by a few dedicated people who had no previous experience in braille transcription. Their first meeting places were in each others homes and garages. Over the years, an office and equipment was secured. Through the years we average 12 members and since we are a teaching group, there is usually  at least one student.  Most of our members are, and always have been, retirees.

This group is an important part of the community. Without it local people and businesses would have to search far afield for the services they provide. They have brailled such simple things as the verse on a birthday or other greeting card up to complex knitting instructions; menus for local restaurants; business manuals for blind entrepreneurs; textbooks; and children's books for the Kenneth Jernigan Library for Blind Children (about 250 per year) These books from the Jernigan Library are available (free lending library) to all 50 states and Canada. They also help service organizations communicate with their blind & deaf clients.

The Humboldt Group is always looking for new members to join them in the production of brailled materials. They provide new students with the necessary text books and equipment and guide them through the lessons. Students proceed at their own pace. After "graduation" and spending a certain amount of time doing children's books and helping with other types of material, the braillist can then apply to the Library of Congress for certification in literary braille. This is done by submitting a Trial Manuscript which must meet the Braille Development Section's high standards.

If you live in the area, want to learn Braille transcribing and can attend at least two Friday morning meetings a month (10:30 - 12:00), you are welcome to join our group. If you don't live nearby, you can take a course with the Braille Development Section  of The Library of Congress. It is recommended that you look for a group in your local area.

To view pictures of our members, click on "member list" and then the name of the person. Thank you for the visit.