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"Pay a visit to my ranch"

The code for this sig was written like so:

<html><body bgcolor="black" text="gold"><embed src=""hidden="true"autostart="true"loop="infinite"> <BR><<center><img src=" gif"><img src=" ipkey/covwagn2.gif"><img src=" gif"><BR><BR><ahref="http://mem" nocolor> <font size="+3" color="linen">"Pay a visit to my ranch"</font></a></center> </body></html>

While entering codes, never hit the return key. Let your code flow.

You will, however, have to hit the space bar in a few places. Some of these places are obvious ... some aren't. Always leave a space between things such as:

body & bgcolor=
"black" & text
embed & src=
.mid" & hidden
"true & autostart
"true & loop
html" & nocolor
"+3" & color=

A few words about some words: embed & hidden. When you embed a midi you'll get a speaker on the page, that when clicked on, will play the midi. Hidden prevents this.

Loop="infinite" This keeps the midi playing continuously. You can do a loop="1" or any other number but I've never seen much point in that.

<a href= & no color. The <a href is an anchor tag that takes the reader to another page when they clck on the text or image that you have put in. In this code it's Pay a visit to my ranch. If you want to have a different color for the anchor text, you use the nocolor in the anchor tag. Otherwise it'll be the same color as your other text.

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