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Quite often we see an unusual signature and wonder "How'd they do that?"

Well, the simplest way is "plaintext." While viewing the e-mail or a posting in a news group, forward that e-mail or post to yourself. In the body of your e-mail (to yourself) enter <html><plaintext></html> Now hit send and when the message arrives the raw code will be there for you to see. The code MUST be the very first thing in the body (under the subject line.)

If you want the raw code to be "linkable" and, this is the best method of bouncing, do this:

Use the same method of forwarding the e-mail to yourself but in place of "plaintext" put your cursor in the body of your writing area (very first space) and hold down the alt key and hit any letter key. Now hit return. Hold down the cmd key and hit A ... then X ... Using the up-arrow, put it in the subject line and hold down the cmd key and hit V ... Hit send and when you open the message you've sent yourself the raw code (in a clickable form) will be there.