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  • The WebTV Utility - Reserve a F-Key for this one. You can speed up load time here by resizing images and reducing the colors. Validate web pages and view the codes of any HTML document. Make buttons, search for images and music, manipulate images and even transload to your files. Better than a Swiss army knife.

  • Cool Tools - Make logos, buttons, banners, graphics. Find some music and use other page building tools. This is another candidate for its' own F-Key.

  • Getting Started - After you've chosen a place (Tripod, angelfire et al) and you have selected a user name and a password, you're at your editing box staring at a blank screen. Go to this excellent web page to find out what to do next. One note of caution here: On a web page or in your signature box it's only necessary to use one opening <HTML> tag and one closing </HTML> tag. Put ALL of your codes in between. Also, Never hit the return key while typing a code. You can hit the return key in between codes if you wish. This separates each code, making it easier to find when editing your page. Remember: These codes are not carved in stone. If you don't like what you see, go back in and change it or delete it altogether.

    • Doctor Draac - There are hundreds of backgrounds, and images at this site. Draac also will instruct you about putting them on your page. And there is also a school of HTML, Tables and Frames.

    • Whip-Lash - I made this page to give you some help with your signature box.

    • Paul Erickson - Paul is a master technician. You'll find many helpful links here.

    • Joe Barta - Joe will teach you tables step by step.

    • Table Maker - First, read Joe Barta (above) and then play with this excellent tool.

    • Anthony's Transloader - Transload the gifs, midis. wavs and backgrounds you're using to your files on your homepage. Why?? Because when you link to other peoples web pages, you're using their bandwidth and that cost them money. Take the code to the transloader and keep it in your own files, which are free.

    • Freeloader - This is an excellent transloader. Works fast!!

    • WebUp Transloader - Another transloader. These sites get very busy.

    • Zygraphics - You can make some very nice headings here including rotating and 3D. Zygraphics will only hold your heading temporarily. You must transload it as a file in your homepage.

    • 3D Logo Generator - Make a 3D logo with a choose of font styles and colors. Must transload!

    • Word Processor - If you have a printer, this will serve you very well as a word processor. Also can be used as a HTML test bed.

    • Dynamics Page - Joe Burns, Ph.D will teach you how to change horses in mid-stream with META TAGS.

    • Lycos - This is a very popular site for pictures and sounds.

    • HTML Help - Just what the title says: HTML HELP.

    • Web Design Group - Wide range of HTML topics.

    • Make a Web Page - Complete Tutorial. Step by step.

    • Mad Rabbit - Put this one on a shortcut key. It has a code validator, spell checker, and more! If you see ERROR, hold down your Cmd key and hit r a few times

    • Funrods - HTML in E-Mail and basic HTML

    • Draac's Color Converter - Use this tool to determine desirable color combinations for fonts and backgrounds.

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